S is for Steamy

“Let’s grab coffee and some bagels and have breakfast in the park before it gets too hot,” you say before I’ve even opened my eyes.

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“Do I have time for a shower or do I have to be ready right away? You won’t like me groggy and feeling gross.”

“Yes, you have time for a shower. You act like I don’t know you. But be fast–it’s going to be really hot today.”

I was planning on sleeping in a bit and then having a lazy day, but I get up and head to the shower. There has to be a cost, though, since you did make me give up some extra sleep.

I text you when I get out of the shower.

Make sure you pack a blanket. And bring that new book that you’ve been telling me about.

My phone lights up.

Blanket is packed as are the water bottles. The book? Like, the sexy one I was telling you about? Why?

Because I plan on tormenting you, silly. I type back after I finish drying my hair.

Yes. And because I said so.

When I come to the kitchen, I notice the book is nowhere to be seen. “Where is it?”

“Hidden in the blanket.”

“Seriously? Are you 12? Put the book on top of the pile.”

You grumble and put the book on top. “Let’s go,” I say. “If you are going to get me up early on Saturday, I expect my coffee and bagels pronto.”

We run past the bagel shop and grab breakfast and are at the park within 15 minutes. You spread out the blanket and we eat while we watch some kids playing soccer in a nearby field and people running around the pond before it gets too hot.

“Grab your book and read it to me.”

“Wait, what? Like right here? Now?”

“Yes. You said that it had lots of fun ideas in it and I want to hear them.”

“There are people around. And kids. They’ll see the cover.”

“It looks like a romance novel. And you don’t need to project to the edges of the park. You just need to read to me.”

“Remind me not to open my mouth again,” you grumble.

“You don’t honestly think that I don’t know when you are reading something exciting, do you?”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

I settle back a bit with my coffee and gesture at the book. “Get reading. And start at the good parts.”

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