C is for Cats

We are primarily a family of cats. We’ve had two dogs and do love dogs, but cats fit our lifestyle.

Just before we got married, we got a dog. Sammy was an adorable dachshund/terrier mutt. She was the sweetest dog in the world and was actually my first dog ever.

Right after we got married, we added a cat. He was the ugliest kitten in the world–he was mostly black with random white tufts sticking out everywhere. Snake fell in love, which is saying a lot as a mostly dog person. Dudley grew into a 20 pound cat and fought his way through life with only one kidney and then the other one started to fail as well. He was also the one in charge with Sammy.

After we lost them, we went to the humane society to get a cat. Simba easily adopted us. She grabbed my finger through the cage and wouldn’t let go. And she refused to let go even with kidney failure and no treatment for a ridiculously long life. She was beautiful and calm and basically the perfect cat.

Dusty. She was the one we didn’t plan to get. When we were adopting Simba, they brought in a tiny feral kitten who fit in the palm of my hand. She was terrified of people and we brought her into our house. Eventually she tolerated us. Simba was basically her mother, teaching her to clean herself. She was so skittish that we didn’t know she had cancer until it was too late to treat.

Bobbie came next. We didn’t want Simba to be lonely and she was the choice. Again, not really. She refused to come near anyone at the humane society until we came in and then wouldn’t be put away. She was the only “medium” hair of her litter and the runt who grew into a long-hair who is huge. Not fat, but so much fur. She’s my current baby.

When we knew Simba wasn’t supposed to live more than 3-4 months, we adopted Stormie. She almost ended up back at the humane society because Bobbie wasn’t having anything to do with her except fighting. Simba stepped in, being all of about 5 pounds at that point, and basically knocked some sense into them.

Stormie is Snake’s dat. She’s as much or more dog than cat. And he is her person. She’ll come to me sometimes, but he’s really the one she wants. She sits on his lap, she grooms his beard and sleeps by his side. And plays fetch.

We were actually lucky to have Simba relatively healthy for another year before she went downhill and we lost her.

Yes, I’ve only mentioned one dog. Mika was…a handful. She was an absolutely gorgeous Siberian Husky and 10 months old. Work friends were moving and wanted us to take her since we had the space. The problem? They treated her like a spoiled brat and she couldn’t be controlled. At least by us.

She spent two days with us before we had to take her to the humane society. She was adopted immediately, ran away from the new owner, was caught, rehomed again and finally found her place.

So, yes, pets have been a part of our entire life together. Each one is a special part of the family.

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  1. I grew up on a cattle station. Working dogs were a big part of our life. We did have a cat but she was a feral that had been dumped at our doorstep. Cats are controversial pets in Australia as they are very very destructive to native wildlife but when it came time for me to choose my own pet I chose a cat.

    I love dogs but I really don’t like dog people. You know the ones who dress their pets up and spend ridiculous amounts of money on toys and grooming!

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