S is for Silence

I crave silence in life. I was always the kid who had to have quiet to study. If I’m reading, I don’t want music in the background. When I work or write, I rarely am listening to anything.

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My brain just functions better that way. I’m also the person who can respond and not have any idea what was said to me if I’m concentrating on something else. Snake knows that he’ll just have to repeat himself if he tries so he waits for me to be able to listen and be engaged.

That said, I love listening to music or going to theatre or movies. It just doesn’t work as background for things that I am actively doing. The only exception is playing games while I’m watching TV. I can concentrate better on the TV if I’m not just sitting and watching it.

Yes, I know. I’m weird.

I think I’m a pretty social and talkative person. Definitely an introvert and need recharging, but I like talking to people and exchanging ideas and experiences. And I have no shortage of thoughts and opinions that I share with Snake daily.

When I’m processing emotions or situations, though, I tend to be quiet. I need to just let things ‘simmer’ and give my brain time to figure out what I feel and what I want to do. I can’t talk things out when I’m upset–I just get angry because I don’t really know how I feel at that point. It’s better to give me time to resolve those feelings before I try to express them.

There are also days when I just don’t have things to say. Nothing is wrong, I’m not having deep thoughts, and I just have a quiet day.

The question is: Does anyone want to risk figuring out which one it is?

If I’m silent it’s because there’s thunder inside me. Or I’m just chilling, may the odds be in your favor.

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3 Replies to “S is for Silence”

  1. I recognize so much of this, and the one thing that really stood out is having to work through emotions. In the heat of the moment I never know what to say, and once I have worked through it, everything is clear… then I find the perfect words.
    ~ Marie xox

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