Whispers in the Dark

We’re laying there, just listening to the dark around us. I can hear the rain on the roof (a rarity and amazing) and the winds howling outside off and on. I also hear far-distant thunder. It’s that rolling kind that’s just fun to listen to, not violent, not jolting, just almost like a drummer with a massive kettle drum of some sort playing a random tune.

I hear you whisper to me…

But there’s simply no way I can make out what you’re saying. The rain, the wind.

shadow reflection on glass with dripping water
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You whisper again – I try to scoot down and get closer to you, your head on my chest, arms around me. I can’t move very far and hear you again. I’m assuming you’re repeating yourself, wondering why I’m not responding.

“Sorry,” I say softly, “I can’t hear you.”

Instead of speaking up, you look up at me, locking your eyes with mine. You whisper again.

So softly, but this time I can see and hear a bit more – “I need you… to unlock for me. Now please,” you say. Before burrowing back into me. I feel you shaking your head at me a little. I don’t know if you’re laughing at me, or frustrated.

I start to move, off to get your key for you. “Where are you going?!??” You ask, this time with a much more stern look on your face. “The key, I need to get the key.”

You shake your head. “Nope”

There’s a long pause of silence as I try to figure out what’s up. Then, it’s almost like someone else is in bed with us, all I feel is your hand firmly on me, and feel you slide the key into the lock and turn. You pull out the lock cylinder. “Here you go…” you say, handing it to me.

I feel your hand, still on me, pressing back on the tube, holding it in place, even with it fighting now to press outward, to get free. At least you relent, slowly moving it out, taking the tube off, rubbing up and down me as blood flows quickly to all the right places.

“I want you inside me, but you cannot move unless there is thunder, of the outside nature-with-a-thunderstorm variety – so when you hear it, you have 15 seconds – oh, and you have to count it out loud for me. If it continues, great. If not. nope. Gotta wait. “

“I’m not sure what you’re waiting for, but … NOW,” you whisper, “As in right now.”

I smile as the storm outside flashes and the thunder rolls through…

Erotic Fiction

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