S is for Stars

The day had been too hot to do the hike we had wanted to do so we had spent the entire day in front of the TV instead of the date we had planned.

brown rock formation under blue sky during night time
Photo by Ken Cheung on Pexels.com

By the time we had ordered dinner and thrown away the trash, we were both getting edgy from boredom. The backpacks were still on the kitchen table where we had left them the night before and they were just making us more grumpy.

“What a waste of a Saturday…” you start.

“Wait! I have an idea. Let’s grab a blanket and go stargazing instead. We can go right near the trailhead. It’ll be dark and it’s a clear night.”

We grab a couple of flashlights and blankets and head out of town. The sun is mostly down, so the temperature is finally starting to ease. I am still in shorts and the flip-flops are on the floor of the car. I put my bare feet up on the dash and we roll the windows down.

Half an hour later after we belt out some 80s tunes, we are both in much better moods. We turn off the main road towards the trailhead and when we get to the parking lot, we are alone. Perfect.

We get the blankets and a cooler of drinks and head to a flat spot just over the rise from the parking lot. The ground is still warm from the heat of the day and the stars are just starting to come out. We lay back and listen to the stillness of the night.

After a couple of minutes, I slide my hand into your shorts. You jump and turn to look at me. “Are you kidding? Who knows who or what might show up? There’s a lot of animals and bugs around, plus the parking lot is open for a few more hours.”

“So? Wouldn’t it be worth a bug bite or two?”

“You are crazy,” you say, while giving away how turned on you are. I stroke your cock and you gasp a little as I pull down your shorts and expose you to the night air. I take off my shorts and underwear and toss them to the side.

Climbing on top, I very slowly slide you inside me. You groan and completely forget about the setting. The risk of being caught makes it so much hotter and we both quickly cum. We stay together for a few minutes until I hear you say, “Ouch.”


“I think something bit me.”

We separate and find the flashlights after a little searching. Turning it on, there’s an anthill directly to your right and some very angry ants that were disturbed by our antics. We jump up and grab our clothes and blanket and cooler and race to the car.

By the time we get there, we are both out of breath and collapse into the front seat only dressed on top. We start laughing as we shake out our pants to make sure we didn’t bring any friends along.

“I told you there were bugs!” You point your finger at me after we are both dressed.

“I told you that it would be worth it. Was I wrong?”

“Point taken. Maybe we should head home and continue what we started?”

“Sounds like the perfect end to a Saturday. I’ll even get out the hydrocortisone for you after…”

Erotic Fiction

5 Replies to “S is for Stars”

  1. And at first it seemed that this post would be about a boring hot day and a dreary evening. Some kind of trigger was needed that would allow the events to return to the right direction. And this mechanism was the bite of the 🐜
    The only sad thing is that the enchanting continuation of events, which the author of this post hints to us, was hidden from the readers 😢

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