H is for (Summer) Heat

The backyard is finally coming together. The pool has been there since before we moved in, but the rest of the yard was a mass of rocks and dirt with a few trees. The one tree is old and huge so all planning had to go around that centerpiece.

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After much debate and planning followed by changing the plans, we decided on a ramada and a deck to go in the space by the (hopefully) soon to be fixed fountain. A guy was hired and the work was finally done.

Just in time for the summer heat.

The day before had been horribly hot and we hadn’t wanted to venture outside more than necessary. It was still going to be scorching hot, but we wanted to try out the new ramada. It needed to see a little action, as did we.

I put on my bikini as soon as I got out of the shower and put my wet hair up. You were in the kitchen doing a few dishes when I walked in. Doing a double take, you said, “Planning on a dip?”

“I am. I need a hot cabana, or ramada, guy. You know anyone interested?”

“I think I might have the perfect one in mind.”

“Good. I’m thinking some ice cold margaritas, chips and salsa and someone to keep re-applying sunscreen. There might be a few other tasks as the day goes on.”

“Oh, and brunch. Bring me out food,” I call over my shoulder as I head to the backyard with my book and towel.

I settle in on the chair in the shade and open my book. About five minutes later, you appear with a tray containing bagels and fruit. “Your brunch, milady.”

“Looks yummy. Do I get a beverage as well?”

“Of course. Margarita to start or maybe a tequila sunrise?”

“Mmmm….I’ll take the tequila sunrise. And don’t forget my water and sunscreen.”

“Por supuesto”

You return with the drinks and start to apply sunscreen. “You are quite thorough,” I smirk at you.

“Wouldn’t want you getting burned.”

“Sit down and eat with me. Then we’ll see about things heating up enough to burn.” We eat and chat for a bit. I finish my drink and put on my flipflops to head to the pool. As I get there, I leave the shoes on the edge, followed by the bikini top and then finally the bottoms. “I hope you were thorough.”

“I hope so too. May I join you?”

“Not yet. Those margaritas and snacks won’t make themselves. I’m not going anywhere for a bit.”

I can see you peeking through the window as I swim. After a few minutes, I grab the float and climb on. Just about then, I hear the door open and close, followed by your feet across the yard.

A shadow falls across my body as you stand next to the pool. I shade my eyes and look at you. “Your requests have been taken care of.”

“Good. Grab me that towel and dry me off. And then bring over that chaise and close the drapes. You look…hungry.”

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