D is for Detachment

The past few months have had us dealing with a family situation that sucks. It is draining and even worse, we can’t do anything about it except watch.

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Detachment doesn’t mean
not caring. It’s taking care of
yourself first, and letting
others take responsibility for
their actions, without trying
to save or punish them.


For the record, I suck at detachment. Snake does too. We are, by nature, people who try to fix any and all situations that we can.

This is one that we can’t fix. Whether it resolves in a positive or negative way is totally up to them. We can support their efforts if they make them, but we can’t take the steps. We can love them, but we can’t force them to accept that love.

And it is one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. And, yet, we have to do it.

We have to take care of us and nurture us and place boundaries. Have I mentioned how lucky I am that Snake is my person and awesome at it?

OK, Charmer, what’s the point?

Everyone is going through shit that no one knows. Be kind and love the people you can.

4 Replies to “D is for Detachment”

  1. I feel every word you have written here, as almost every one is true for me too. And I so agree with that last sentence. Too many people forget that!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Hugs. Life is difficult right now for both of us. Taking care of ourselves and people who love us is the best way to deal. Xox

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