D is for Dessert

The day had been filled with lots of sex interspersed with snuggling and giggling. The sun was starting to go down and it was time to think about food.

I pull on some clothes from the floor and peer out the window. The hotel was beautiful, but we had never stayed in this neighborhood before. I could see a tangerine-colored sign above what appeared to be a bakery.

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Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

“There’s a bakery down the street. Just think of what joys might await you if you blessed me with a perfect dessert,” I waggle my eyebrows at you.

You laugh and go to put on some clothes and try to tame your hair. As you come out, I was putting on a perfectly sheer teddy. “Mmm. That looks good enough to eat,” you say.

“While it might be ‘chiffon,’ it is not cake. Go get me some food, slave, and I might give you a taste.”

“By your command.” You bow deeply and hurry to bring back a worthy gift.


This was in response to the #flashfictionfriday challenge:

Write 100-200 words in response to the Feature image. Added challenge: use the words chiffon, tangerine, and blessed.

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