A is for Adding

As life starts to become a little closer to normal after the past year and change, it feels like a time to re-evaluate what we want in life. At least us.

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Some of it is easy. We’ve missed traveling and really are looking forward to doing more of that again. Whether it be visiting family in Portland or going on a romantic long weekend, things are starting to look up with that. Definitely not “the way it was,” but much closer than last summer.

Going out to dinner and movies is a thing now. While I appreciate all of the delivery options and streaming services that made life so much better last year, being in a movie theatre and a restaurant is such a treat now. One thing that came from the pandemic was appreciating some of the things that we took for granted.

Live theatre is going to start again in the fall. It is something that brings us joy and I’m so excited to do it again.

But, what do we really want? I’ve never been a big picture person and the idea that I need some life road map is just overwhelming to me. I have no five year plan and I’m lucky if I know what I’m going to do on any given weekend.

I found this quote, though, that I loved.

“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.”

Rainbow Rowell

That I can do. Add things to my life that bring me joy and push out the ones that no longer serve me. A little like life decluttering. Relationships that no longer bring me joy are going to be replaced by others that are new and exciting. Saying no to things that feel like an obligation more than fun so that I can try a new thing.

And, of course, part of that is us. We are going to work through that toy box, try new things, get rid of the old that didn’t work, and keep pushing at that comfort zone. Because joy isn’t found in a rut.

3 thoughts on “A is for Adding”

  1. I liked another quote in this text more:
    “One thing that came from the pandemic was appreciating some of the things that we took for granted.”
    Today, as never before, we understand that what seemed to us commonplace and was happiness.

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