S is for San Diego

It is forecast, as I’m writing this, to be 111 today in Tucson. Yes, it’s a dry heat. What does this mean? Besides humidity hovering around 5%, it will “only” feel like it is about 105.

marina during golden hour
Photo by Lucas Fonseca on Pexels.com

This is pretty common for June here. We all wait anxiously for the monsoons that tend to start around July 4th to bring rain and cooler temps. And hopefully no fires or lightning damage.

So, what do we all do besides stay inside? Head to San Diego for cooler temps and beach. It’s only about a six hour drive and it is the place for a long weekend from here in the summer.

And that’s precisely where the Snake Den will be as of Thursday. Long weekend with beach and margaritas and seafood and hotel sex. I’m looking forward to a few, or a lot, of Mmms.


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  1. I love San Diego, and skipping over the border to Tijuana! Have fun, and enjoy the cooler temps. We’re forecast for 100 degrees here today, and I’m way up here int eh North!

  2. SD is one of my favorite places. The Gaslight district is a great place to watch people from a sidewalk cafe or bar open to the street.
    I miss trips to SD.

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