R is for Retreat

With the sun just starting to rise, we head out for a hike. Blue sky above and the weather is predicted to be perfect.

waterfalls in forest
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The water below the bridge is running rapidly and the banks of the river are slippery and green with moss. As I head down to the water, you warn me to be careful.

There’s no chance that I will make it on my feet so I scoot along on my ass. The shirt comes off as I reach the water, followed quickly by the shorts and shoes. The water feels amazing.

Click. The shutter goes off in quick succession as you take photos of me. “Just wait. Don’t miss the grand finale.”

The camera is lowered and you watch as the bathing suit is removed as well.

“Don’t drop the camera!”


This was in response to the #flashfictionfriday challenge:

Write 100-150 words in response to the Feature image. Added challenge: don’t start any of your sentences with a pronoun (he, she, we, they, etc.).

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