T is for Time Warp

I imagine most everyone has a memory of their first time watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Some younger than others, but it almost feels like a rite of passage.

Being involved in drama/speech/debate, we had a lot of cast parties and other such things in high school. Put together a bunch of teenagers who are overly dramatic to begin with and booze and, of course, Rocky Horror played at almost every one.

Why The Rocky Horror Picture Show Still Matters 40 Years Later
Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

On top of watching the recorded version, we went to the Saturday night showings as well. Dressed up, toilet paper (oh, the luxury), newspapers and squirt bottles in hand. Of course, everyone has to dance the Time Warp.

The funny part was that it got to the point where we’d just randomly start singing it and dancing during play rehearsals. It always made everyone laugh and it was a great stress relief when things weren’t going as planned.

Fast forward a few years, maybe more than a few, and we were at the dance studio last year just before everything locked down. One of the group instructors put on Time Warp and Snake and I just stopped our routine to dance to it. And the rest of the studio joined in.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it or heard it, still going to get up and dance, remembering the people and the fun times.

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  1. Somehow I have missed the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show (probably had my nose in books too much, or I was just a tad too young), and only learned about it in my early twenties. I love the energy of the music, but can’t sing along as well as my older cousins can 😉
    I can only imagine the fun this must’ve been in school!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. When I had just graduated high school it was playing every Saturday at our major art cinema. The one of two, at that time, that showed independent films. Midnight showing.

    I remember my friends who had been there before not preparing me for the toast and rain scenes. And yes everyone got up and danced the time warp.

    There were Rocky Horror regulars who came dressed as the cast. Our localist Frankenfurter was pretty good.

    I also got to see it in the mid 80’s in San Francisco. That Dr Frankenfurter was even better than Tim Curry! It was wonderful.
    Thanks for the memories.
    (I too miss Ballroom Dancing after the lockdown)

  3. I love the Rocky Horror show, although I had to watch it a couple of times to get what the fuss was about. BUT when I saw how fun it was, and let myself drool over Tim Curry as the Baron … well the rest is history. Would love to see you guys dancing to this. 😉

  4. So much fun and some great memories! I wish it was still a Saturday night theater thing. I miss going all decked out and the toilet (before the great shortage lol) was always fun to throw.

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