I is for Introvert

I am an introvert. Technically, we both are, although Snake tolerates noise and extroverts much better than I do.

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I came from two extrovert parents. They were very confused by my ability to spend entire summer vacations in the house reading instead of playing with the neighborhood kids. As much as they both loved to read, it concerned them that something was wrong.

My older brother was also an introvert. He was perfectly happy living alone, being a photographer and spending weekends on a kayak alone.

I was always involved in drama, speech and debate on top of a few other hobbies. I had a few friends, a lot of acquaintances and was relatively popular in the not-cheerleader way.

In high school I went out usually on Friday night with friends, but Saturday and Sunday were usually at home. Being a teenager, I didn’t realize that I was exhausted by the weekend by “peopling.”

The first two years of college, I had a roommate or two depending on the room. My freshman year wasn’t too bad because it was all new and exciting. And my second year, I had a perfect introvert just like me.

For my last two years, I scored a single room. Not only was it perfect for an introvert, it also gave many more private options with Snake… But I guess that’s a different story.

I think by the time we got married, we had been together enough that we started to do a good job of giving each other space so that we could recharge. His go-to has always been loud music to tune out the world. Mine tends to be silence, but we each get our own time to just unplug from the world.

“People empty me. I have to get away to refill.”

C. Bukowski

We’ve learned to find hiding spots at Disneyland when we need a break and Snake has become very good at reading signs and making excuses when he can tell it’s getting to be too much. Since I’m an introvert with sensory issues, he has become an expert on Charmer signs.

The one thing that the last year has taught me, though, is that I’m an introvert, not a hermit. I still want to go out and see people and do things. Just on my own terms and not for too long.

5 thoughts on “I is for Introvert”

  1. “I’m an introvert, not a hermit”

    I think many people, myself including, who love the quiet, love being at home just doing their own thing, have come to the conclusion that we also need to go out every once in a while, as we do need that part too to some extent.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Just been reading Liz Black’s post and nodding along regarding needing to be alone to re charge after spending time with others – yep me too
    May x

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