W is for Warm (Bottom That Is)

I think that I might have alluded to a few “gifts” from Snake that we were going to use last week for our twice a month kink night.

Again, being new, I wanted to make sure how he would react when I used these gorgeous items so I went easy for this round.

[Snake: See, the thing is, PHYSICALLY, perhaps. But the mental game of “hey, caning tomorrow – let’s give it a try! Wheeeee! Was such a huge piece of this.]

After making sure that he was firmly restrained by the bench–another cool gift, don’t you think?–I tried out the thickest one first. It is made of oak. It definitely was more of a thud than a swish, but it definitely packed a good swat.

[Snake: this is one of those things where “this was thuddy” or “this was stingy” was a matter of very small changes. It was surprising that there was a difference, but I have to say, the canes in general have a similar feel, with nuances on the width. Yes, thuddy – but the thing that was really different was that this was a LINE of impact, vs. a POINT of impact. And it was quite unforgiving on that line, too.]

The middle one was probably less than half the width of the first one and is bamboo. There was definitely more of the swishing, but still more thuddy than sharp.

The last one is the thinnest. I admit to being a bit hesitant using it because I’m more used to items that don’t look like they will snap as soon as impact is made. It created the biggest reaction when it was used, so it must be pretty effective.

[Snake: um, yeah.]

We’ve always been more about straps, crops, paddles and floggers so this was a new foray into the impact world. Though, there was still quite a bit of red even with the short timeframe.

[Snake: overall, the canes are like using these long, sharp implements. The feeling is pretty different from other things, and the coverage is definitely different. It’s somewhat close to the feel of a crop, but a much longer area in every hit. And they do make noise – that *swish* is… Oh, and the mind game. Yeah. ]

Next time? I won’t be quite as easy. What? I want to show him my appreciation for his gifts.

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