K is for Kiss

As I wave goodbye to you and you head to work, I blow you a kiss. You stop the bike for a minute and look at me with a question in your eyes. I smile and wave.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels.com

You are at the office for about half an hour when the admin comes in and drops an envelope on your desk. “It was just brought by courier and it says personal.”

You look at the envelope. It has your name and business address and the word PERSONAL across the front. No return address.

“Thanks,” you say.

After he leaves, you open the envelope with a bit of apprehension. There’s a single piece of paper inside that says

Follow the lips

and has a lipstick kiss in the center.

I get a quick message on the computer asking if I sent you something. I type back, “Something?”

“A note.”

“Oh, a note. Any particular kind of note?”

“So, you did. What does it mean?”

“It means that you will be getting a series of clues today and you should follow them. You’ll figure out which ones are from me.”

Just then you hear a knock on the door.

“Another delivery,” the admin says as he deposits the small box on your desk. “I know it isn’t your birthday. Some special occasion?”

“Something like that,” you say as you pull the box across your desk. You find a box inside a box with another note. Below the kiss, it reads,

Next clue is on the bike. Time is ticking.

You grab your stuff and head towards the door. “Some stuff has come up. Can you postpone any meetings until tomorrow?” you ask as you pass his desk.

“Sure. Things OK?”

“Just something to take care of. Nothing big deal.”

On the seat is another envelope. On the outside it reads

Ready for a Scavenger Hunt?

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