P is for Patience

I am not really known for my patience. I tend to get frustrated with inanimate objects that don’t cooperate–Snake just silently comes in and takes it usually–and I hate waiting when I can’t see the reasoning for waiting.

That said, I can be very patient with important things. Snake took 4 years to propose, but I knew it was right to wait. And, for the record, he knew what he wanted, but was waiting until the timing of our lives was right. We’re still here so I think that patience paid off.

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Within our D/s dynamic, having patience seems to be more of a Snake issue than a Charmer issue. Now watch…he’ll comment and say the opposite.

[Snake: I definitely dive right in and I have to say, when we find something more edgy and intense, get 3 of them; I’m just excited and dreamy about it all. I’m so thankful that thoughtfulness prevails on her part. It lets me trust in us and be able to learn the realities of it all, vs the daydreams in my head.]

We blog back and forth as I’ve mentioned umpteen times before in here. Part of the purpose of the blog is sharing new ideas or things that one of us might like to try. Nothing like TFTB, but in a judgment-free zone where we can just communicate random thoughts and feelings.

Snake will share something and if one thing is good, two must be great. I love that about him. He’s always enthusiastic about trying new things and it’s one of the things that made me fall in love with him. Who wants to be bored?

[Snake: I think being bored isn’t an issue…. Protective, sane, reality-based, but not bored! Lol]

So, it’s on me to slow things down a little sometimes with the D/s ideas. While some might call it an overabundance of caution, I call it making sure that things we do are well thought out and the right thing for us. When we try a new thing, it is slowly and methodically done. Sounds super sexy, huh?

Once we know we enjoy x, though, I love pushing. I love getting reactions and blowing his mind with thoughts and sensations. There’s nothing better.

Patience comes first–then the fireworks.

Just don’t ask me to be patient with uncooperative gizmos and gadgets and people who stand in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store. It’s just not going to happen.


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  1. I think that patience is needed a lot in terms of scenes as a D type. I think that would let me down but imagine that level of self-control requires a good deal of patience. Missy x

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