C is for Chastity: That Overnight Pressure

MMMmmmmmm… She says in her sleep… I think.

She snuggles back into me, lodging my cage just so, then doubling-down on the pressure.

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I come to my senses as she’s slowly wiggling onto my cage, pressing it, holding me almost just there, small spoon to big spoon, so to speak.

I wake, feeling my body respond.

Pressing against the cage. Pressing against the ring. Pressing against.. all of it. I feel every bit of the cage, locked around me, holding me in place, daring me to continue trying to get hard.

She continues squirming against me. Pressing onto me, then backing off a bit, then pressing onto me again. It’s like this world’s slowest, mind-numbing fucking, but all I feel is the pressure. The pressure from me trying to throw off this cage, and the pressure from her, pushing back on me.

She’s still gasping a little bit, just above the quiet of the room. Rocking on my cock, my cage, fucking me slowly in her dreams.

“mmmmmm,” she utters. I look at the clock, dying for distraction. It’s 3:12 AM. I start counting the seconds as they pass by.

My cock is doing its best to bend the metal tube around it, to seek her out, to participate.

She moans again, pressing hard back into me, letting out another slight moan.

She pauses, pulling forward just slightly, and her hand reaches around behind her, Finding me. Grabbing me by the base ring and squeezing. Softly at first, then, not so soft at all. At its firmest grip, me almost whimpering, she turns slightly, kissing my arm around her.

“Well, that was fun…” she says, releasing me, rolling out of bed for the bathroom.

My brain does a backflip. Was she asleep? Just fucking with me? Something in between? When she comes back to bed, I start to say something, to find out. She shushes me and curls up into me.

She’s asleep in a flash.

4 Replies to “C is for Chastity: That Overnight Pressure”

  1. I’m so used to waking up rock hard that I’ve often wondered just what chastity would do – would my body alter things to keep me from getting hard? Am I subconsciously doing something that make myself hard – and with a pain response, would that stop?

    1. Not so much stop as change. Pressure, control over getting “all the way there”

      It’s not painful (once you adjust to it) it’s just pressure and confinement. When you start off, it can sting but a drop or two of silicone helps enormously as you adjust.

      Honestly, the containment, lack of access, pressurized cage/tube/device is all part of the kink imho. Essentially bondage. All the time you are caged.

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