H is for Honeysuckle

Living in the Sonoran Desert, seasons tend to have different dates than most of the Northern Hemisphere. While Spring is still well over a month away, it is here already.

In “normal” years, we would be heading to the Renaissance Festival this month before it got too hot to wear the costumes. It has, of course, been cancelled this year, but the weather is still getting warm.

As I’ve written before, we have huge temperature swings in the winter. It can easily be in the 20s overnight and close to 80 during the day. This year has been no exception, but with one rare exception about 5 years ago, it is starting to warm up overnight by mid February.

Because of the warmer nights and the recent rain, we are already starting to get flowers on our honeysuckle.

Spring has already arrived here.

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6 Replies to “H is for Honeysuckle”

  1. Honeysuckle is such a beautiful flower. I love it, but our season for it in Devon doesn’t begin for a few months yet.

    A friend once said I was like honeysuckle, particularly my laugh. Sweet, intoxicating and devilishly distracting!

    Thank you for linking up to mindful moments. (And reminding me to call my friend) N x

  2. What a lovely post, reminding me to think forward to the flowers and warmer temperatures of spring – they will still come no matter what a muddle we are all in at the moment.

    I’m re-vamping my garden when the weather gets more spring like in the UK, so that’s going to boost my mood too – I really enjoy the boost sunshine brings.

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