Realities of Chastity – Suddenly, it is Chafing!

I’ve been doing this chastity thing now for several years – and life happens along the way. I wanted to quickly share something I’ve had to re-learn just recently.

By life, in my case, I mean weight loss. I lost some weight and the cage suddenly fit differently. Not in the tube portion, but in the A-ring/base-ring. It was fighting me like nobody’s business. Raw skin, just uncomfortable in general and making it so I couldn’t wear it for long at all. Super-frustrating (and not in any good way) after having worn it for years 24×7.

This occasionally even messed with the tube, causing issues (pinches mostly) with the PA fixing and tube. Perhaps TMI, but I’d have to remove the cage for a week or 10 days to let myself heal as my body seemingly fought back. NOT a good time.

The cure is going back to square 1.

In the beginning, it’s a common suggestion to put a couple of drops of silicone lube on the ring, or anywhere you feel that tension. No, not THAT tension. That’s by design. I’m talking about that burning sensation of your body stretching a bit too much.

The silicone is super-important because it will last quite a lot of time. It will immediately take the sting out.

Now, come on. Remember what this is all about. No playing around, not messing about, not GOBS of lube, none of that – keep your head on straight. Just a drop or two wherever you’re getting the issue.

This lets your body heal and adjust and at the same time, keeps the cage in place much longer. I’ve had to re-teach my body about it and it took longer than the original run at the cage (which was about 2 weeks) this time around (about 4 weeks of being persistent).

But it works. It works great!

So, there you have it. Of course, if you’re using a non-steel device, be sure the lube you’re using is not going to hurt the device. If you have to use water-based, you just may have to give it a couple of extra applications over the day. It eases, for me, after about the 2-week mark and gets aggressively better for the rest of the re-adjustment run.

I can imagine this could be a weight-loss thing, a lifestyle change (perhaps you’re exercising more/less), whatever. Just don’t assume “aw crap. I have to give it up.” Not likely the case and not necessarily necessary.

Feel free to post any questions/feedback below!

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