C is for Chill

Wednesday night is date night here.

Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels.com

Date night might be out. It might be in. It might be TV or a board game or a movie or dinner. Sometimes a little of more than one.

Mostly, date night is a chance to remember that we matter. Time together even when things are busy and crazy. Even time together when we are fighting about something.

It wasn’t always like this. For years we went months without a date. Too much going on. Too little time. Too much whatever…

But, you know, what happened? We lost a lot of the connection that made us real and us. When we put the time back, whatever we choose to do, it put us back in the forefront. The rest of the world just has to wait on Wednesday night.

This thing we’re doing here,
you, me.
I’m in.
I’m all in.

Luke Danes

Thursday morning might dawn with all of the nonsense that was there before, but date night and time together makes it all seem just a little easier to deal with. Together.

5 Replies to “C is for Chill”

  1. If we had a life
    We could schedule date night might get to be a regular thing. But life gets in the way. That three kids and spouses all under
    The same roof. So the nights she gets her hair cut (every 6 weeks if we are lucky) is a night we get to go out as much as Covid allows. Date nights and maintaining connection is critical to a relationship. Otherwise chaos and ruin. Stay steadfast in rituals. There is a security there that can easily be lost.

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