S is for Salmon

I’m going to put out a really unpopular opinion or preference or however you would like to characterize it. I don’t like salmon.

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Yes, I have tried it. Yes, that way. Yes, your way too. No, not even in sushi. And, honestly, I am pretty tired of the people who insist on telling me that I just don’t like it because it hasn’t been prepared the right way.

The reactions have been shock, dismay and even outright hostility about my dislike of a type of fish.

Fine, Charmer, but this is a sex blog. What does salmon have to do with your blog?

There really is a connection. And here it is.

I am dominant. Yes, really. No, I’m not a switch. No, it’s not because I just haven’t found the right man to show me the error of my ways–or the joys he can provide or whatever.

In addition, we practice chastity. No, I don’t hate men. I am not anti-penis. I enjoy having sex with Snake.

Just like the people with the salmon, there are an amazing number of people in the world that get super uncomfortable or offended by our way. And notice that I said, “our way.” If it is your way, that’s awesome. If not, you do things your way and celebrate your way. Consent and all of the usual caveats, of course.

It is a bit baffling to me why people try to change our minds–if that is even a possibility. I think that I’m wired to be dominant. I work better this way and, therefore, I am happier this way. And why does it really matter to someone who isn’t involved in a relationship with me?

Like the fish example, we are all different. We all have different needs and wants and paths to follow. There isn’t one true way or one true path and stepping into someone else’s lane because you don’t like theirs won’t change it.

Just a weird $.02 from me.

And for the record, I also like escargot and mushrooms.

4 thoughts on “S is for Salmon”

  1. I am so with you on this, and like with so many other things this boils down to respecting others for who they are, what they prefer, what they do etc. etc. etc. as long as their ways don’t harm others. I think it’s rude when people try to change your mind. Why can’t they just accept that we are not all the same?
    Great post, Charmer, and I will have all the salmon you don’t want, then you can have my escargots 😉
    ~ Marie

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