D is for (That) Dress, Though…

I have a thing for casual, relaxed looks. Doesn’t mean it can’t be more formal settings, but it’s the “air” about things. The feel of it.

Photo by wendel moretti from Pexels.com

Yoga pants (even tweeted about it) and such – there’s a casual, relaxed confidence in that. Or even this picture (to the left).

Charmer assigned this as a picture prompt (interesting idea) and asked that I get writing…

These are the moments that are so intimate – the casual, the relaxed.


I walk into the room and see you there, just sitting, turning off the day, turning off the stress of the world, this odd time.

You look at me with those eyes.

Good GAWD, I’d love to have a glass of wine…” you say. I’m on it, bringing you your wine. You know I’ve had a similar day, and immediately raise an eyebrow at me, “you, too…” I grab another for me. Plopping against the bench at your feet.

You sip at the wine – its some of our favorite from that place up North. The flavors we know we can count on and both clink glasses and grin.

“No, no. It’s fine. You can massage my feet if you insist…” you say to me, knowing I hadn’t said a word, but subtly (!) making the suggestion. I turn a bit, leaning into you, taking your foot and starting with long, slow, deep rubs along the arch of your foot. I can almost feel your legs relax as I do. It’s like a light switch goes off and all of the bad electricity in your leg drains out as I continue rubbing.

mmmmm…. that’s nice,” you say softly.

I look up, your eyes are shut, you’re sipping that wine from time to time and you have this half-grin on your face. It’s a look that drains my own stresses of the day. I smile at you, taking you in – from the tips of your toes, up those legs, that dress, you.

You feel me taking you in, you open your eyes just a bit, flash me *that grin* and say “cheers to a very, very nice evening…” as you raise your glass.

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