S is for Scorpio(n)

Well, it is Halloween and isn’t it the day for scary things?

Photo from Wikipedia

This little guy on the left is a bark scorpion. He’s actually almost translucent and about an inch long without his tail. They live here in Tucson.

You’ve probably seen the huge black ones that reality shows like to use for eating challenges because they are relatively common fare in Asia. The funny part about it is that they might be huge and scary looking, but they are really not very poisonous.

Our little guy is very poisonous. He is also almost impossible to see because he looks like the carpet or tile. And they love to hide under rocks so you don’t know they are there.

One advantage of having cats is that they are fabulous scorpion hunters. We’ll find them dead on the floor pretty regularly in the summer and fall here. They struggle to sting a cat because of their pads and fur, so the cats have always won.

So, besides posting a creepy picture just because it is Halloween, is there a point?

Well, kind of. Scorpio, the horoscope, season started recently and guess who is a Scorpio…

And, yes, I have a bit of a stinger as well.

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  1. Scorpions… I remember growing up we were warned about them, and always had to check our shoes before just pushing our feet inside, as those little creatures liked to hide there. Where I live now, people only know what scorpions look like because of the internet 😉
    ~ Marie

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