H is for Haunting

I thought I’d be different and try to combine haunting and Halloween in a poem…not my usual writing style, but let’s hope it works.

Photo by Lennart Wittstock from Pexels.com

October starts coming to an end
Ghosts, witches and pumpkins haunting the aisles of stores
Michael Myers and Freddy on the TV
Leaves turning and falling to the ground
Cooler weather bringing out the sweaters
Halloween night we are
Curled up on the couch
You beside me
Protecting me from the monsters on the screen
Popcorn and wine
Because we’re classy like that
And you knowing
That the things I’ll do to you after
In private
Will be haunting your thoughts for days

4 thoughts on “H is for Haunting”

  1. The poem was playful and cute. I especially liked the part about being curled up on the couch and having him to protect you. It reminded me of days when the guys picked scary movies, hoping the girls would tuck into them when it was too scary.

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