R is for Rafting

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror movies or haunted houses. We watch scary movies and will go to a pumpkin patch from time to time. We did what wasn’t even supposed to be a haunted house at Universal Studios many years back. It was a walkthrough of The Mummy. That pretty well finished me from things like that. Apparently the actors aren’t supposed to touch you, but the ones that were there didn’t get the memo. Uh…nope.

For me, I prefer my adrenaline in experiences. We love to zipline as I have said before. White water rafting. Rollercoasters. Rock climbing. Caves. Ziplining through caves. I don’t anticipate sky diving or bungee jumping, but I have learned not to say never since I have done a lot of things I never anticipated and they turned out to be great.

Black Water Rafting Experience Waitomo Caves Tour

When we went to New Zealand three years ago, we visited the glowworm caves. It was one of the coolest and most unique places that we ever visited. It looks like thousands of stars lighting up the cave.

While we were visiting, the tour guide mentioned that there is another experience there that is “black water rafting.” Intrigued, we put it on the list of things to explore.

Basically, you are in an innertube going through a dark cave, with a small waterfall in the caves with the glowworms. And if you do the longer tour, you get to rappel down the walls. It sounds so exciting!!!!

You probably won’t ever get me to a haunted house–or haunted slaughterhouse as we have here–but I will be the first one volunteering for this kind of adrenaline rush.

5 thoughts on “R is for Rafting”

  1. I am totally with you on haunted houses, and I never look at horror movies either. Master T does, but only when he knows I will spend an evening writing. Where you are quite adventurous with ziplining and rafting and rollercoasters, I am not. My low blood pressure can’t handle that, which means I have to seek my thrills in other things. That glow worm cave sounds absolutely amazing!
    ~ Marie

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