O is for Oregon

Two years ago today, Snake and I were staying in a fabulous hotel in Astoria, Oregon. It is built on a pier, directly on the Columbia River and is gorgeous.

After a lazy morning, we went to the maritime museum in Astoria, followed by fish and chips at a boat food truck across the street. It looks like a hole in the wall, but the line is ridiculously long and it is always on the list of best restaurants in Astoria.

We then headed to Seaside which is about half an hour away. We did a wine tasting at Naked Winery. They are still one of our favorite wineries and we get deliveries from them several times a year. Then wandered down to the beach and walked for a bit in the water.

It was a perfect day.

3 Replies to “O is for Oregon”

  1. It’s always the walk-ups and the hole-in-the-walls that have the best food.

    The entire west coast has lost its charm for me at this point (I live there — and I am actively planning my escape) but the Oregon coast is, admittedly, incredibly beautiful.

    1. We usually are in Portland 4 or 5 times a year but we’ve only been there once this year. And most of the time was spent with family and in the hotel room. Definitely a different experience. But the coast is so unique.. Especially for desert rats.

  2. We went to that food truck too. It was good but we didn’t think it was worth the wait. Almost every year we go to Long Beach WA. We always go to Astoria. It’s a nice area with a lotto see.

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