D is for Dragon

We were on a cruise a few years ago and found a wine bar on the ship that we loved. It was right in the middle of the main part of the ship, but tucked in a corner where we could see the ocean, the activity and still enjoy some alone time.

Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels.com

With the number of people who ordered from this bar, the bartender was amazing. He remembered favorite wines and cabin numbers. I have no idea how he did it. But, he was amazing and suggested several that we actually still buy.

The last night on the ship a typhoon was close to making landfall. We were coming right in with it and the ship was fighting the waves.

According to the captain, we were going to be at 7 on the Douglas sea scale that night. Those are some serious waves! The ship was already creaking before dinner that night.

After dinner we went to the wine bar for one last time. As we sat at the table, it sounded like a dragon roaring with the waves hitting the hull of the ship. It continued growling as we had a couple of glasses of wine.

Most of the night, the entire cabin creaked. If we left the bathroom door open, it was swinging back and forth. And while, we both absolutely love the feeling of the waves, no motion sickness here ever, it actually felt like we were going to be thrown out of bed a few times with the rolling.

The next morning as we were leaving, we definitely had the better of the situation. People on lower decks had had water in their cabins and a lot of the glassware in the shops had fallen off the shelves and broken. It was a serious typhoon that ended up doing a lot of damage to the coast of Australia.

But, we did get to hear the dragon roar…

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  1. I miss cruising.

    Our planned and long-awaited Hawaiian cruise got cancelled, and with the Coronapocalypse, I feel like I will never get to take a cruise again.

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