S is for Social Media

Snake and I are on quite a bit of social media. Twitter obviously, both fun and professional, Instagram, both personal and Charmer, Facebook, both personal and professional, Pinterest, LinkedIn and FetLife. Larger and smaller footprints on each of them, but we are there.

As you probably know, some of the images on the site like the one on the right are edits of my morning picture to Snake. We’ve been doing them for years even before we started this blog.

So what memory am I going to pull for today? The first time that we shared pictures in DM we were in Las Vegas. We were sitting in Caesar’s Palace, playing video poker and had been drinking since early in the morning. This last part is important not because we were drunk, because we weren’t, but because it created the panic that ensued.

I went to the bathroom, took off my bra and snapped a picture. I sent it to Snake who was still sitting at the machine and then came back to him being just a tad surprised. Very turned on too.

Not to be outdone, he headed to the bathroom to snap his own picture for me. He came back expecting a reaction, but I hadn’t received the picture. Where did he send it?

He panicked thinking that he had sent a dick pic to his dad or a business associate by mistake. It was a good 5 minutes of searching before he realized that it hadn’t actually sent. The bathroom is downstairs in the casino and the WiFi was spotty at best even upstairs.

I did get my picture. And I still do every day. I like to think of it as the private side to our public social media personas.

10 thoughts on “S is for Social Media”

  1. You have to be more careful every time you send some important or private information. I think that each of us got into a similar situation with our smartphone. You have to sacrifice something for the convenience of communication and the speed of information exchange.
    P.S. The chest is beautiful 🙂

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