K is for Kiss

Each day…

Photo by luizclas from Pexels.com

First thing in the morning

Text emoji when I send a naked picture to you

When I get out of the shower and enter the kitchen (accompanied by a rubbing of your naked butt)

When you head off to take your shower

Text emoji when you send a naked picture to me

When you leave for work

When you forget your phone accidentally on purpose and have to come back in and head out again

Text emoji when you check in during the day at work

Text emoji when I check in with you during the day

Text emoji when we blog to each other

When you come home from work

When we pass in the kitchen

When I head back to take a bath

When you bring me my water, phone and Kindle to the tub

When you bring my coffee/adult beverage in the tub

When we start heading back to bed

When you give me a back rub

Before we fall asleep

And so many more times in the day….

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