P is for P!nk

She “technically” is in the 1990s because she was in a band 1995-1998 and started her first solo album in 1999 to be released in 2000.

We–yes, we both love her–started listening when she released M!ssundaztood in late 2001. And who doesn’t love “Get the Party Started?” But “Just like a Pill” and “Don’t Let Me Get Me” are amazing.

Her albums got better and her words just touch me so often. If I need a playlist to get me up and out of a funk, they are what I choose. She is tough and tells things as she sees them and doesn’t apologize for being herself.

29 of the Best Empowering Quotes For Women from the Artist P!NK

The first time that we saw her in concert was The Truth About Love tour. Phoenix happened to be the beginning of the tour so we saw the first performance. Not only was she singing amazing lyrics and that voice, she was doing it while hanging upside down. Or on a trapeze. Costume changes galore and it was a spectacular show.

Then we saw the Beautiful Trauma tour. Again, Phoenix was the first stop so we got the first view. There were glitches, but isn’t that part of the fun of an actual live performance? And the single from that album, “What About Us?” just strikes a chord in me every time that I hear it.

Her latest is Hurts 2B Human and again, the songs just resonate with me. “My Attic” and “Hustle” both are songs that I can play on repeat. I confess to having my own attic. And the beat on “Hustle” makes me get up and dance every time.

And her story at the 2017 VMAs when she talked about her daughter aged 6 who said that she was ugly? The response was beautiful and thoughtful and inspirational. I won’t copy the entire thing, but she created and PowerPoint to show how beautiful differences are and ended with

We don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty. ‘



So, yes, she is my 1990s musician. And my now musician. And definitely my jam at the pool.

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  1. Pink is amazing, I’ve loved her since her first solo album. How great you got to see her live 😄
    My favourite song by her is ‘Family Portrait,’ really hits all the marks for me.

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