Rainy Memories

“Remember that day when it rained so much when we were in New York?”

“When we were there for the show and had planned to walk around all day before?” I answer. “Yes, why?”

Photo by Matheus Oliveira from Pexels.com

“I was just thinking about how much fun it was running around in the rain without an umbrella and jumping into doorways to shake off a bit before we moved on.”

“I remember being cold…it was November.”

“But we snuggled and warmed up when we got back to the room.”

“Valid. The coffee and bagel place was good too. And I loved wandering around the museum even if we were a bit drippy.”

“But, we snuggled and warmed up when we got back to the room.”

I look at you. “You already said that.”

“I know. But it was the best part of that day. Maybe we could relive it today.”

“That was November in New York. You realize that it is almost 100 degrees outside right now and we probably won’t see rain again until July? That’s a hard stretch for a recreation.”

You smile. “But the pool is still really too cold for you. Maybe we could take a dip and then I could warm you up?”

“So really, it’s not the recreation–it’s that you want me naked and wet and cold?”

“Well….yes….but only for a little bit. Then you’ll be all warm and toasty and naked.”

“Wouldn’t it have been easier just to say that you want to mess around?”

“Maybe….but it’s more fun this way.”

I laugh and start stripping. “Let’s skip the cold part and just get to the naked and warm all over part.”

Masturbation Monday

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  1. This was a super fun read! I’m definitely the kind of person who wants to get straight to the sex, but I love the little snapshot we got into their relationship.

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