Sheltered Date Night

With the world where things are right now, date night has to be adjusted. No more deciding on the spur of the moment that we want to eat out. There has to be more planning and less spontaneity which you know doesn’t make me happy.

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You tell me that you are handling things this week and that I just need to be dressed up for a nice dinner at 6. I look at you a bit confused as I know we can’t go out and you tell me to trust you.

Wednesday you “get off work” early and head to the store. When you come back, you tell me that you are taking over the kitchen and family room and to please not peek. I’m very curious but agree and head to another room.

I hear you cutting and cooking and things start smelling really good. I can hear you moving something around, swearing a bit as it hits the wall. As the clock hits 5:30 I head to the bedroom to change. I feel a little odd putting on a dress and heels for home. Let’s face it–I don’t dress up that much for most dinners out.

I let you know that I’m ready and you write back that you will be back in a few minutes to escort me. Now I am really curious. You knock on the bedroom door and give me your arm. We walk down the hall to the family room where you have set up a table for two with a tablecloth, candles and it is beautiful. You pull out my chair and bring in the wine.

“Since we can’t do what we want right now, I decided to give you a taste of what is to come.” You turn on the TV and you have found a video of cruising around Antarctica. There is nothing but wave sounds and the occasional shifting ice. You start bringing in dinner, one course at a time.

As we sit and enjoy the beautiful view and the wonderful food and time together, life is pretty good.

(And yes, the cruise is planned)

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