SoSS 22

Here’s hoping that all of you and yours are healthy. And here’s some fun images and writings to keep you happily distracted.

Sexy Writings

Dangerous Curves – #WickedWednesday by Francesca Demont Love hearing how she found her curves–and the images are really hot! (Twitter: @DemontFrancesca)

Absurdities by Mrs Fever Laughed so hard–and can so relate!

Love of Curves by MrsK This is wonderful how he loves and celebrates her curves.(Twitter: @kinkywifelife)

Up to the Edge of Play by Littlegem This is a really thoughtful piece on edge play and their relationship. (Twitter: @PurplesGem1)

This Body is Mine by Jae Lynn The words are so perfect–and of course the image is beautiful. (Twitter: @RantingsofaNM)

Social Anxiety: Muted Phone and Crushed Petals by Liz Black I so related to the love of being on stage and the hatred of making phone calls. (Twitter: @Lizblackx)

Codependency by Collared Michael I really enjoyed reading his take on the positives of depending on each other.

Sexy Images

The body part 2 by Ouizzi Beautiful body and beautiful angle! (Twitter: @ouizzi)

Into the light by askmefast Love how the light blows out most of the image but you can see just little bits. (Twitter: @askmefast19)

WoodlandDream by Elliott The colors are so vivid and this is lovely! (Twitter: @tedinfhaolcom)

Trace by Beck The b&w is so dramatic and the image completely matches the words. (Twitter: @BeckNoire)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Choices by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

And, oh, by the way, happy anniversary Snake!

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