Those Curves Though

I have curves too, ya know. But it’s just not the same as hers. Mine aggravate me. Hers, well, hers are amazing and sexy and suggestive and just right.

I think the curves are like a map – it’s like the lines to follow to… somewhere. There are some curves that catch my eye in different ways than others. Silhouette curves are the some of the best – if you start at the top of her head and slowly… always slowly… trace down her body with your eyes, just look at those lines.

Get down at eye level.

It’s fun to take an exaggerated amount of time and just … look. The curve of her neck to her shoulder. The curve of her arm to her body. The curve of her breast. Those lines are delicious.

The line of her stomach and oh yes, that backside. The lines and curves at the tops of her legs.

I love the curve too that extends down her spine and curves up a bit to those lines that make up her backside. The “Y”.

The curve of her legs, the lines, the way it all flows perfectly down her legs, her knees, her calves and yes, even her feet.

The curves, taken together, really considered, are among the sexiest, most gorgeous aspects to her body. Stunning!

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  1. Wow I feel violated. You’re married Snake! I’m telling Charmer you were staring at me!!! 😂😂 just kidding

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