Shutting Up the Inner Voice

When I thought about what to write about my inner voice, I started searching quotes for something that would inspire me. There were so many that talked about always listening to that voice, how it was your true self and that it was more important than listening to others.

That might be your experience, but mine? Not so much. My inner voice tends to go off on tangents, quite often having nothing to do with anything going on around me. Or, it picks the minor thing that I thought or said or did and makes it into the most important defining moment of my life.

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I tend to overthink everything. Cue Snake nodding in the background. I don’t tend to overthink BEFORE things. I am much more the person who would rather make the wrong choice than make pro/con lists and debate endlessly. I can make decisions about major things pretty quickly.

But after something happens? I way too much time thinking about how horrible/stupid/thoughtless/etc. things are that I’ve done or said. Sometimes even things that I thought and didn’t say or act on.

And believe me–my inner voice never shuts up. It has a comment on just about everything that touches my life in any way. It’s like a constant companion in my head, never going away, sometimes being incredibly amusing and other times I just want to shut it down. It’s my creative spark and my greatest inhibitor.

How do I get past that? Snake helps a lot. He reads everything that I write before I post it. I know that he’ll be honest with me and that he also sees real me instead of the inner voice that sees everything that is and isn’t true. Sometimes it is just pushing through and focusing on the action until it is done. And sometimes? It wins and I don’t do something or I obsess about whatever it is.

So, I did find a quote finally that did speak to me.

Don’t believe everything you hear – even in your own mind.

Daniel Amen

And, maybe that is the answer. We hear so many things that aren’t real or are questionable and we try to find the truth in them and discard the untruths. Maybe we have to do that with ourselves as well.

8 Replies to “Shutting Up the Inner Voice”

  1. Good morning lovely Charmer!

    I can relate so much to this! Very rarely does my mind shut off. There are a few times, things I can do with help to make it shut off, but yes very rare. I just told someone the other day that I am sure my blog often reflects everything in my head making many of my posts seem a little frantic in thought. It often bugs me.

    “I tend to overthink everything. Cue Snake nodding in the background. I don’t tend to overthink BEFORE things.”

    Yep, right there with you.


  2. I hate it when my inner voice doesn’t shut up. I am an over-thinker after the fact as well. Glad you have Snake to help you when you need it. And that quote is the best!

  3. Yes !! It’s not just the carping and sniping. It’s the endless re-run of situations where it not only goes over and over what was said, it also seems to have infinite suggestions as to what should have been said. It has wit and humour, even when it’s at our own expense.

    And so much, it is that creative spark.

    I hope Snake keeps helping you tame it and we see those positive effects in your works 🌹🌹

  4. I so relate to this. My inner voice isn’t very kind either, and I also wrote about not listening to my inner voice. I think I listen to my gut more than my inner voice. It’s lovely that you have someone who helps you silence that negative inner voice.

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