SoSS 14

It’s already halfway through January–hope your month is full of fun and joy. Here’s some of the fun images and writings that caught our eye this week.

Sexy Images

WHEN IN CHINA (sinful sunday) by PainasPleasure What a great shot–so much fun to take advantage of hotels. (Twitter: @BibulousOne)

Concentric Circles by Kisungura Love the circles–makes such an interesting and eye catching image. (Twitter: @kisungura)

Angle Poised by Missy The lighting and the angle of the lamp are amazing!

[Photography] Flaunting my Nakedness (and Socks)! by Floss Absolutely adore the nakedness and socks! (Twitter: @_floss_84)

Sexy Writing

17 Years Ago Today by Collared Michael What a beautiful story of how he met his Queen.

Making you wait by Violet Grey Sexy hot story! (Twitter: @v_greyauthor)

Dreams Come True (Masturbation Monday #280 & Wicked Wednesday #398) by Ria Restrepo Great story–a guy with a guitar is always fun. (Twitter: @RiaRestrepo)

New Years Eve, A Sub & A (First) Kiss by Miss Pearl Such a perfectly worded description. (Twitter: @OMissPearl)

Sex Lies by Tabitha Rayne So much anger and passion–this is great! (Twitter: @TabithaErotica)

The Mark of Pain by Brigit Delaney Some really good thoughts on the different types of and responses to pain. (Twitter: @BrigitWrites)

One Sentence Sex by Vanillamom This so made me giggle! (Twitter: @swirlednilla)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Sunday Hike by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

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