SoSS 11 — AKA Bawdy Bells 6

With this crazy time of the year, take a little time for yourself and enjoy these images and writings that we loved this week.

Sexy Writing

Lies by Julie Really honest thoughts about lying. (Twitter: @MPBjulie)

The Truth About Santa: A Memoir by Mrs. Claus by Blue Submission Such a creative and sexy story! (Twitter: @bluesubmission)

Personal Growth & Reflection by Cat This resonated so much with me–I could have written a similar post last year about my back issues. (Twitter: @sassycat38)

An Elf’s Sexy Adventure by Deviant Succubus I always love a good sexy dream sequence with a twist. (Twitter: @DeviantSuccubus)

Who is Fleur? by Fleur Such a horrific story but the strength to come out the other side is amazing. (Twitter: @fleur_master)

Christmas Cracker [Part 1] by Posy Churchgate Such a true office Christmas party…and then meeting a new friend. (Twitter: @PosyChurchgate)

Feels Like Home #WickedWednesday by Victoria Blisse The story of how you take care of each other and are a home is really beautiful. (Twitter: @victoriablisse)

I think I have sex dreams by Marie A. Rebelle This sounds so much like me–the orgasms or the dreams but never connecting the two. Great post! (Twitter: @RebelsNotes)

Sexy Images

A Festive View by Molly What a cool reflection! (Twitter: @Mollysdailykiss)

#Showusyourbaubles by The Artful Muse Both shots are amazing. Love the lights and the shadows and depth of field! (Twitter: @The_Artful_Muse)

More Lights for #SinfulSunday by May Moore The lights give just a hint of her body underneath–wonderful tease! (Twitter: @May_Matters)

‘Twas the Night by Kisungura What a festive and sexy shot! (Twitter: @kisungura)

Pleasure by Educating Elenor Love the soft focus–so sexy! (Twitter: @delasoulless)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Bawdy Bells 1 – A little ‘claus by Snake (Twitter: @steeledsnake)

And just a reminder BawdyBells2019 is running through the 31st if you want to join in!

7 Replies to “SoSS 11 — AKA Bawdy Bells 6”

  1. Thank u so much for choosing that photo of mine. I don’t think it was as clear on my phone as on computer but yes there was a hint of nakedness under the lights.

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