SoSS 10

Here are some great images and words that caught our eye this week–check them out!

Sexy Writings

A rule isn’t a rule unless… by Nora. The exchange was great–and then the image at the end was perfect! Lol.

All for you by Violet Grey What a vivid fantasy! Loved it. (Twitter: @v_greyauthor)

Just One Book by Life of Elliott I just read this book the past year and was so excited to see that someone else had!

Punishment and Rewards by Sweetgirl It’s always interesting to see how each dynamic adapts punishments and rewards to meet their own needs. (Twitter: @sweetgirl_mrh)

A Newlywed’s New Tradition by My Naughty Ideas What a fun new tradition! (Twitter: @mynaughtyideas)

Worship your Goddess, slave! by Luv Bunny Fun flash fiction. (Twitter: @LuvbunnySL82)

Sexy Images

Staying Warm by MLSlavePuppet I love my baths and loved this image! (Twitter: @MlSlave)

Birthday suit #sinfulsunday by lovedyoualongtime Beautiful birthday suit image. (Twitter: @The_Other_me_9)

Tranquilty by Considering Cuntella Did I mention how much I love bath images?

SinfulSunday–sequins and sparkles by Clear Eyed Girl Nothing like dressing up in sparkly tights for the holidays. Hot image. (Twitter: @_Masterseye)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Rewards and Punishment from the Charmer Side by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

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