SoSS 8

Here’s a list of some of the writings and images that caught our eye this week. Hope those of you who were celebrating had a great holiday!

Writings That Caught Our Eye

[Sex] A Fantasy Unfulfilled by Floss I think all of us feel like that sometimes–the question that draws a blank and simply to want to fuck/be fucked. (Twitter: @_floss_84)

The Flight by Lillith What a sexy fun flight! (Twitter: @Lillith_M)

BDSM Basics: 5 Things About New D/s Relationships by Kayla Lords Some really good advice about starting a relationship slowly and intelligently. (Twitter: @LovingBDSM)

F4Thought- Free bird By J. Lynn Great thoughts on freedom being the ability to choose. (Twitter: @RantingsofaNM)

Rika’s Lair by Ms. Rika Loved the thoughts on chastity.

Plan your multitasking by Marie Rebelle I am working on this too and loved the planner ideas in here! (Twitter: @RebelsNotes)

Images That We Loved

Long Socks and Deep Cocks by Raven Lee Nothing better than a great connection and some rocking socks. (Twitter: @QuothRavenLee)

Back to Front for #SinfulSunday by May More Absolutely the love images and the jacket. (Twitter: @May_Matters)

Hotel Room by Kilted Wookie Miss seeing him but love when he posts (Twitter: @Kilted_Wookie)

Never Within–Guest Post by Chris Thomas What a fabulous shot!

Anatomy of a “perfect woman” by Nikki Such a great picture and LOVE the comments! (Twitter: @loveisafetish)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

The View from Below by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

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