SoSS 7

Here are some writings and images that we really liked this week. Enjoy!

Sexy Writing

Virtuoso Fingers by Jupiter Grant Fabulous piece of erotica! (Twitter: @GrantJupiter)

Jackpot by Lascivious Lucy Such a fun flash story–leaves you wanting more. (Twitter: @LasciviousLucy)

Ten Year Reunion by Asrai Devin It kind of makes you want to go back to those reunions again. (Twitter: @asrai)

Equus by Eve’s Temptations Sometimes people do get what they want. (Twitter: @evestemptation)


Freedom is an illusion by askmefast Some thoughts on freedom in life and BDSM. (Twitter: @askmefast19)

How I flirt: a letter to the folks who hit on me by Quinn Rhodes So relatable! (Twitter: @OnQueerStreet)

So Much for NOvember….by The Chaste Cyclist What a great way to spend a morning. (Twitter: @chastecyclist)

Training as a submissive wife by Missy Thought-provoking post on training and building skills (Twitter: @5ubmissy)

Sexy Images

Handsy by Holden and Camille Love the look on his face! We love seeing the set-up for pictures. (Twitter: @h_and_c_dot_com)

#SinfulSunday Giggles by Jade Absolutely adore the fun and giggles in these shots. (Twitter: @piecesofjade)

Lustful Lace by vanillafreesex You can never go wrong with red lace underwear (Twitter: @vanillafreesex)

Winter Sun by PurpleSole Stretching and enjoying the sun on your body is such a guilty pleasure. (Twitter: @PurplesGem1)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Tinted Windows by Snake (Twitter: @steeledsnake)

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