Charmer and Travel

I have an absolute love of travel. And an absolute hatred of it. We’ve traveled a lot of different ways in our marriage and each one has its positives and negatives.

Of course, we started off with road trips. Short ones at first, which tend to be easy and relatively stress-free. Those are easy and rarely get me frazzled as long as they aren’t a surprise.

Once we get longer than a few days, packing becomes the issue. Rationally I know that I can buy something if I leave it at home. And rationally I also know that the likelihood of needing all of the meds in our bathroom on any trip are nil. But…what if we get sick and can’t find a drugstore? Or the weather changes dramatically and now I am freezing/sweating to death?

So, of course I overpack. Snake has become good at walking that fine line between trying to fit the house into a suitcase and limiting me to the point where I am anxious before we leave.

Flying is an even bigger issue for packing but we are lucky to usually be able to fly on the one that allows us two free bags. I love to fly and the actual flight never makes me nervous. It’s the getting-to-the-airport-parking-checking-in-going-through-security-getting-to-the-gate-hoping-it-is-on-time-hoping-we-make-the-connection-finding-a-bathroom-getting-food-getting-a-car-or-other-transportation-to-get-to-the-hotel time that makes me crazy.

I try to break the trip into sections that I win. Made it to the airport and flight is on time and we get through security with no delay? Win!! On the plane and in my seat? Win!! Land and we have time for the bathroom and food and to get on the next plane? Win!! Get to our destination and have our bags and get the transportation? Win!! Get to the hotel and into our room? Total win!!!

Our favorite way to travel lately has been cruising. There is still some travel to and from but once we are on the ship? We unpack and I can totally relax. We don’t have to worry about getting from one place to another and someone feeds us and gives us activity options. Even shore excursions are easier than planning it by ourselves. It is a huge splurge and we don’t do it often but it is magical.

So, for this Christmas, travel is definitely a thing. Flights before and after the holiday, which will be chaotic and make me crazy. Too many people and too little space. Followed by some wonderful people and some that I wish I never had to interact with again. Weird food and not enough introverting followed by more flights.

Luckily Snake will be there to smooth the way and you can bet that I will be prepared for summer and blizzards in Portland and be the one who has the traveling drugstore.

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    1. We like the unpack and enjoy aspect. Plus the easy access to exercise too. And that’s me. I like being places and exploring.

    1. Luckily we don’t have to do a lot of business travel so that isn’t an issue. But cruises are awesome

  1. I’ve always wondered whether a cruise would be relaxing or send me up the wall after a few days. Nice to see it works for you in being able to minimise the stresses of other types of travel.

    I spent 20 years doing fairly constant long-haul and I don’t care if I never enter another airport.

    melody 🌹

    1. We do better if there’s a good mix of sea days and excursions. I wouldn’t do well with more than a couple of days on the ship. But I love not worrying about getting around.

      Airports are the worst. Even worse now I think because they are so crowded and rushed.

  2. Over packing is an issue for me. I am getting better as we travel all the time with our work – but I still have not nailed it! x

  3. We take a three week break twice a year, but never travel anywhere, because we both prefer to stay home and I can just not deal with all the searching for a place to go and booking a flight and a room and all that. The only place we actually travel to every year is Eroticon.

    Rebel xox

    1. We travel for family several times a year and it is rarely relaxing. I totally understand what you mean.

  4. Omg. I can relate to your first 3 paragraphs. I do the same thing. What if? Like you said I know I can buy whatever I need once I get there but still…
    I do freak out at the flight because I’m one of those who believe that if humans were meant to fly we would have been born with wings LOL.
    Hope you have safe & enjoyable holiday trip 🙂

    1. I think my parents taking me on flights when I was little helped with the flying part.

      And thank you!

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