Some fun words and images that caught our eye or imagination this week. Check them out!

Sexy Writing

The Bright Side – Ria’s Writings – Great build-up and fun to see the situation… evolve. (Twitter: @RiaRestrepo)

Flicker and Glow – Degrees of Zero – Really loved the back and forth, the thoughts and resistance happening… greatpost. (Twitter: @zerosparrows)

Inspired by Steeled Snake and Charmer… – CollaredMichael – Perhaps we’re biased, but this was a great post. (CollaredMichael)


I may have just outed myself as Polyamorous on social media – E.L. Byrne – We’re all so careful, but I think we’ve also thought a good deal about who is really noticing, and how much it takes for people to put 2 and 2 together. (Twitter: @elbyrne1)

Resets – HisLordshipUK – great post about resets and how they can re-energize a relationship. (Twitter: @hislordshipuk)

My (Sex) Life Needs a Reset – Meghan Ward – about taking a step back and, well, resetting. (Twitter: @megwardwrites)

Sexy Images

Really loved this image – very sexy, and the textures, colors, contrasts and all of that are amazing. (Twitter: @may_matters)

Need – Little Switch Bitch – very sexy – (Twitter @_littlesbitch)

Recipe for a Muse cocktail – amazing shot – and loved all of the little details and, just… all of it. (Twitter: @musedreamer99)

Wash My Sins Away – Sexilicious – we’re always partial to sexy bath-time pictures…. (Twitter: @sexiliciousash)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

The Sexual Torture Wave – What’s it feel like to have it wash through, over you?

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