Look… I cleaned the bathrooms…

Sometimes it’s fun to send a surprise image, sometimes it’s fun to see if you can catch people off-guard.

For those that follow along on Twitter, you know Charmer has a great deal of fun sending to places where I have to know I have a message, but may, or may not, be able to actually read/stare at/gawk at in the moment.

So, sometimes it’s fun to find new ways of letting someone know (consensually, of course) that you’re thinking of them. Or finished a chore. Or… whatever.

This is was a picture for Charmer – used by permission. See? Shiney.

3 Replies to “Look… I cleaned the bathrooms…”

  1. I occasionally send my Queen a picture of the caged Angus, but only rarely. She will request a pic rarely too. In general though she is worried of pics like that coming through her phone and of others possibly seeing them.

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