Commando Day

We are sitting at lunch as a bus drives by with an ad on the side and I smirk. It’s gone before you see it and you look puzzled. “Go in and take off your underwear–it’s commando day.”

You give me that look—the slightly baffled, slightly turned on, slightly apprehensive–and go off to do as I say. I get a message when you are there, “Um, what do I do with them?”

I write back that you should bring them out to me, knowing full well that there is a restaurant full of people who you have to pass.

You come back with them in your hand as small as you can squish them and beet red. I hold out my hand and take them from you, placing them in my purse and getting out a mirror and lipstick.

You watch as I make a huge show of applying it, now completely confused. I ask the waiter for the check and finish my wine, leaving a bright red lipstick mark on the edge of the glass. I reapply and then put things away.

As we head off to the hotel, I pull you into a hidden doorway in an alleyway, push you against the door and unzip your jeans. You anxiously look around as you hear voices but we are hidden from view. I pull you out and squat, putting my lips around your cock which hardens instantly. I tighten my lips, leaving a bright red imprint from my lipstick, smile and stand up.

“I think you should really zip up,” I say as I bat my eyes at you. “I really feel like we need to go find a nice lounge and relax,” as you groan and try to get your hard cock back into your pants, watching me walk away.

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