Colors of the Sunset

The sun is just starting to lower to the horizon as we pass the woman sitting alone on the beach. We smile and nod as you and I continue on our walk.

There is a rock outcropping that is ahead and just beyond our vacation rental. We’ve been walking for quite a while, just splashing in the water and chatting as we hold hands.

You start to angle towards the house and give me a puzzled look as I continue straight on. I smile and bat my eyes at you, giving away that I might have a plan in mind.

As we get to the rocks, I slip into a crevice that opens up just a bit. There is a beautiful view of the sun starting to turn shades of pink and purple and I settle you back against the wall to look.

And take off your shirt. I see you looking around as you hear voices, nervously laughing. It stops immediately when I grab your face and kiss you hard. I release you and start nipping and sucking down your shoulders and chest. I hear your head lightly hit the wall as you drop your head back and close your eyes.

As I continue, the marks start appearing on you, random dark spots where I have sucked and bitten you. No rhyme or reason except that it looked like a good spot to go next. Your breathing quickens and there are some sharp inhales and ouches as I bite down.

I step back to look at my work, stroking and lightly scratching the spots I have made. You gasp when I touch a sensitive spot and I return to it, sucking it and deepening the bruise.

“Open your eyes,” I say and point at the glorious colors of the setting sun over the ocean. I lean against your chest as we enjoy the moment, just us, hidden from the world.

As you put on your shirt to return to the rental, I stop you for a second and kiss you again. And then we walk back, secretly smiling, and pass the woman as she makes her way to her place. She gives us a puzzled smile as we appeared out of nowhere, and we continue on…

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