Carnal Retreat

We’ve always dreamed of having a vacation away. Like, really away. We’ve cleared calendars. Actually left behind the phones, let everyone know we were traveling to the ends of the earth, so… good luck reaching us. It might not be that remote in reality, but we planned a completely dedicated, carnal time.

The retreat was about time for us to explore… both the surroundings and us. As we walked down the dock, boards creaking a bit under our feet, our luggage rolling over the boards behind us, we’re giddy with excitement. We splurged for the room at the END of the pier. The one that is out just a bit further, a little more secluded…

We get to the room and slowly open the door. Then from the door, we can see all the way through the suite, out the other side of the room, which is all glass, and nothing but beautiful blue ocean. The entire wall opens up with sliding doors, which are open. Just wispy curtains blowing in the sea breezes separate us from the deck just outside. The door closes by behind us and you pull me to you, kissing me and then giggling into my neck.

Last one in, loses…” you say, dropping your bag and wandering across the room nonchalantly. I grab my suitcase and toss it on the bed just in time to see your clothes drop to the floor and the blur of your body as you jump off the deck and into the water. From outside, I hear you laughing, then “hey, no one said anything about suits…

I am naked in a flash, out the door and flying through the air into the water… as I come up, your arms are around my neck, and you look me in the eye just before you pull my lip into your mouth and gently bite down on it, holding me there, locking eyes. We kiss-wrestle, me kissing your neck and venturing down, you doing the same, back and forth in this erotic tug of war to gain control and access as the other person does the same.

You pull back just a bit, look me in the eye for just a flash again, then slide down me a bit and kiss, then nibble, then full-on bite my chest, pulling me into your mouth. I squeal just a bit, knowing there are others in relative earshot, but surprised by your change in tactic. I know better than to pull away though, that never ends well.

I don’t know what you think is going on, but let’s remember who’s in charge here,” you tell me after leaving several fiery marks. I feel your hand on me, guiding me to the steps that lead back up to our room. I’m bobbing along in the water behind you as we climb out and duck inside, seeing a few additional guests on their way up the pier, but quite a ways back.

Once inside, I notice that there’s a massage table there, on wheels. It fits just next to the windows, the deck… I look at you and waggle my eyebrows a bit in an exaggerated way. You laugh at me, and simply say “Yes, yes I’d love a massage from you on the deck.

As the sun sets and darkness sets in, I move the table onto the deck, help you out to the table and help you get comfortable. I work first on your feet, spending all sorts of time relaxing them, getting them used to my touch. The same is true for your ankles, your calves. I work with one side, then the other. It takes about 20 minutes to have your legs relaxed. Just as I’m about to move up your body, I hear a relaxed sigh from you, just in time to see an evil grin on your face.

At the same time, you slowly move your legs a bit more apart, grin once more at me, then close your eyes and resettle your head.

I slowly trace my fingers up the insides of your legs, lightly touching, exploring, but avoiding your sex for just a few more minutes, stealing back just a small measure of control for myself. After a few minutes of this, I hear a short low grumble and look up to see you looking back over your shoulder at me, eyebrow raised, almost scolding.

Yes ma’am,” is all I say.

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