A True Turn of Luck

As we walk through the old-time arcade, I spy a fortune teller machine. Pulling you towards it, I hand you a quarter. Your eyebrows rise and I silently push you forward.

You put the coin in, pull the handle and gears grind. The paper that slides out says, “For your performance, the world around you is going to give you a standing O.” You laugh and hand it to me. “I don’t really foresee a stage in our future, do you?” you say as you take my hand to head back to the hotel.

We return to the room and I open the drapes to the city lights while you open the bottle of wine and pour us each a glass. We sit in the dark just enjoying the view as you stroke my leg.

There’s an office across the way with one lone worker. I walk to the window to see if I’m visible as I strip off my dress, leaving me in my corset and heels. I see him do a double take and look away quickly, flustered.

I pull you up and start to strip you. After you are naked, we walk to the window where I sit in a chair, facing you towards me and in plain view of the office opposite. “Rules are simple. You will get an O IF you don’t move from this position. If you move, we stop and game is over. “

I know I have your full attention and interest. And that you haven’t noticed the audience across the way. I take your cock in my hand and tease you at first. You start to move at one point and I stop for just a second. “You aren’t moving, right?”

Quickly you shake your head and brace your hand against the window for control. I edge you once, twice and continue to watch the man across the way. He has given up all pretense of not seeing and I see him flushing. A few more strokes and you cum, groaning and swearing at being made to stand throughout.

When you start to recover, I remark, “That seemed like a standing O to me…and from him too,” as I point at the man who is applauding across the street.

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