Gratitude and Dominance

Just a quick game update: So far for round two, we are 2:1 on wins so it’s very close. And Snake has 3/7 ruined O’s under his belt (get it?) so we are making progress with my win from last round.

I’m being a bit sneaky and combining a couple of things into one post. Brigit Delaney’s Erotic Journal Challenge for the week is gratitude. And finally getting through my feeds I happened to catch this post by collaredmichael.

I am grateful for Snake and for the trust that he gives me to explore our dynamic. We have a lifestyle D/s relationship so we’ve had to find our way melding the different aspects of our life.

What does dominance look like in our house? While it would be nice to say that it entails nothing for me besides sitting on a chaise with a glass of wine and barking orders and giving out punishments, unfortunately that isn’t life. I do not wear a lot of black leather lingerie, although I do own some, and I guarantee you that there is not a collar my size in the house.

Dominance on a daily basis tends to be service. Snake makes sure that the water is hot for my tea when I get out of the shower, and he is doing the dishes. He takes care of the garbage and makes the bed before he heads to work. At night, he loads the dishwasher, gets my bath ready and does a few chores while I am in there.

Once a week he does my nails as you’ve seen in pictures and I get massages at least three nights a week. He does the bathrooms, laundry and cleaning as needed as well and he is my hero by taking my car in when it needs repair or maintenance.

He’s starting to cook more often and is really enjoying it. But, on most days, I cook dinner. I make his lunch. I do lots of little things around the house that just need to happen. If we are going on a trip, most of the reservations are made by me as well as most of the packing.

In other words, we share duties around the house. BUT… we share because I choose to do certain things. And, he does the things the way that I want them done. And he does an amazing job.

So, yes, the easy answer is that I’m grateful for not having to clean bathrooms or vacuum or dust. LOL. It goes beyond that, though.

Snake supports me on a daily basis. He takes wonderful pictures that we can share on the site for things like Boobday and Sinful Sunday. That is totally for me because I’m the exhibitionist–and he shares pictures of himself because I want it, even when it makes him incredibly uncomfortable to do it.

We’ve experimented with things from DD to TENS to bondage to ruined O’s to Wartenberg wheels to online play and on and on. And we keep experimenting and tweaking and tuning as one thing is exciting and something else turns out to be a dud for us.

But what keeps it all going is his submission to me. I am grateful that he trusts me to make decisions and guide us to new places. We have done so much together and we have so much left to try.

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  1. We share jobs, too…but they are very much determined by traditional gender roles. Except cooking. He does that…for survival’s sake. I’m not a maid or a servant, but I do take his boots off, get his drinks, and buy his clothes. Funny how we all fall into these particular patterns and roles for each other.

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