Change in the Air

I have lived in the desert for most of my adult life, but I have to think that the change in seasons might be as clear other places.

Snake laughs at me because I comment on it twice a year. Once happened yesterday. Summer is here. Not the longest-day-of-the-year summer solstice summer, but the day when we know that the heat has set in.

The funny thing is, the day is rarely any warmer than the day before by more than a degree or two. Suddenly, though, the animals and plants settle and are quieter. They are conserving their energy and water and the world just feels different. Summer has arrived.

My second time is fall. Again, it doesn’t tie to the season, but suddenly one morning, I feel a tiny drop in the temperature outside. And I tell him that the fall is on the way. Of course, we’ll still hit triple digits after that but it is like a little sign that you only have to hold on a little bit longer.

What does this have to do with sex and kink? I mean, seriously, isn’t that what this blog is about? Because I can tell you specifically what day the dynamic turned to D/s between us.

December 5, 2013. We were in the car on the way to dinner with some family in Phoenix. Stuck in rush hour traffic and really looking forward to some Mexican food and margaritas and the conversation just morphed.

It’s not like that wasn’t MOSTLY the life that we were already leading. But that night, we put the words to it. Domme. Sub. FLR. I have no idea why that night was special, but it was just right.

Our life changed after that. We pushed and pulled and yanked and fussed to get to the place where we both wanted to be. Not anywhere near there yet, but isn’t that part of the adventure?

That change in the air can be pretty powerful….

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