Cars and Pools and Balconies…Oh, My!

Snake and I started dating at the end of high school and through college before he got an apartment and we eventually got married. Privacy was almost non-existent between families and roommates so we ended up having to find private time…outside the bedroom.

Don’t get me wrong. We spent way too much money on motel rooms and did figure that piece out. But, outdoor sex was definitely pretty common for us.

Cars were the first. Luckily his parents owned a pretty large car when we were in high school and the backseat was roomy. He is 6’4″ so that is a consideration unless I want knees in my eyeball. We found plenty of quiet places to play.

[Snake: it’s great when there are entire subdivisions being built in the foothills around town… great spots to sneak away and have a car picnic late at night.]

There was also a hot tub in college at a hotel with some of our friends drinking and being totally oblivious… And a pretty epic off-season camping trip where we were the only people in the campground and had our sleeping bags zipped together.

Now, the usual outdoor place is our pool. Not sex really because it isn’t all that comfortable and I am a delicate flower. But, just in case you were ever wondering, the pool cleaner (ours is a Barracuda) makes for a pretty fun vibrator substitute.

One of my favorite outdoor memories, though, was just a few years ago. We went to a local resort for a late anniversary trip. They have private casitas with balconies overlooking the city and the mountains. Far enough out in the desert so there are birds and wildlife and lots of stars. It’s a fabulous historic place with an amazing restaurant and lots of gush-worthy features.

We had dinner which was so good and lots of wine. And, of course, had brought more because… anniversary trip. We sat on the balcony, watching the moon rise and the stars come out and the nocturnal animals start to awake. There was a nice breeze but it was still pretty hot outside. So, of course, being me, I took off my dress and sat in my corset.

Snake, being Snake, was torn between the fact that houses were yelling distance away and other rooms were close and ME. I, of course, won out. I’m certain that we were heard if not seen but it was so fucking sexy and magical. *makes a note to go back there soon* [Snake: Hey, I just need a little encouragement, and if a corset isn’t going to do it, WHAT IS? Then, all bets are off…]

So, yes, outdoor sex in many different locales is my kink. And we still have a few other ideas in mind to add to that bucket list.

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